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At Simply Sugaring, we like to keep it simple, natural and organic, a services menu easy to understand and more importantly a fast and secure booking.

Simply Sugaring

  • 100% ALL NATURAL Sugar, Lemon and Water

  • Less painful than waxing or threading

  • Perfect for sensitive skin

  • Only two weeks of growth is needed 

  • We pull with the direction of hair growth to help prevent ingrowns and breakage

  • Sugar only adheres to the dead skin and to the hair

  • Never tested on animals

  • Heated to body temperature

  • Hair grows back more fine and sparse after just one service

Please note I do not work weekends and all of my appointments after 4 pm are only available to current clients.  All new client appointments must be request for 4 or earlier. 



This service is for new clients or clients returning after 6+ weeks without a service at Simply Sugaring. A brazilian sugaring removes all the hair from your bikini area (top, sides, and front), and those hard-to-reach areas in the back. Simply put: everything goes. You can opt to leave strip, triangle, or a shape of your choice - the service is customized for you




Same as a regular brazilian, but for clients returning within three to six weeks of their last service at Simply Sugaring.


Tipping is included in all services.  No tips will be accepted. 

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